Easiest Framework For Developing Mobile Apps

The first question that arises in our mind is?

“ Why we need to develop apps? ” Here is your answer!

  • It is essential for Online business.
  • It is used to boost your sales.
  • To improve customer engagement and visibility to all customers at all times.

Now we know that the needs of apps, the next question may raise is
“ how do we create apps? ” Here is your answer!

Creating apps is not too hard. There are many tools and frameworks that are available to develop mobile apps. But I recommend the Flutter framework.

Let’s see what it is,

Flutter is a Google built-UI toolkit. It is used to develop apps with a single codebase. By using this, we can build apps for both IOS and ANDROID platforms with one programming language. Dart programming language is used in the flutter framework.

Now we can see the Pros and Cons,


  • Both flutter & dart are open-source, you will get free access documentation which is user-friendly So that you will get answers to all your questions.
    Flutter Docs: https://flutter.dev/docs
  • In my opinion, the best combo is flutter & dart why because it is easy to use and you will learn quickly.
  • In flutter, there is one function called hot reload. By using this, you can see the changes in real-time whenever you edit your code.


  • Comparing to Java, Js, C, Dart is less popular. As of now, limited courses only available on the internet compare to other frameworks. But flutter is a growing framework so you can eliminate this.
  • Flutter apps are Larger in size.

If you are new to Application development and you wanted to start your startup with an app then I highly recommend you to choose Flutter!

Thank you



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