Heap is a specialized tree-based data structure and is used to represent the priority queue. In the heap-sort algorithm, we have two heaps min-heap and max-heap.

Let’s take the input as [6,8,9,2,4]

(i) Min-heap:
In the Min-heap, the “Parent node should be less than or equal to the child node”. Let’s…

The stack is a linear data structure that will allow adding or removing elements in a particular order. When a new element is added at one end, it goes on the top of the stack. Stack follows the “Last in First out” order. In stack, we can add, traverse, and…

Normalization is a process of organizing data in a database to avoid data redundancy and to eliminate insert anomaly, delete anomaly, and update anomaly.

Here, anomaly refers to error

Now, Data redundancy means similar data in multiple rows. Let’s take an example to explain those anomalies.

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